I don't believe it's been over a month since my last post!  That's a sure fire sign that I have been busy as hell!  

So I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope this year brings you all the magic that you wish for!  Here is my magic right here.  A rainbow on a grey west coast Scottish beach with a beautiful handsome man, who also happens to be my boyf.  

I don't feel like this year is a 'new' year as I am still working on the album, this record has tied both years together and I just see it all as Work in Progress.  My life is Work in Progress.  This album is and always will be Work in Progress.  Never claiming to be prefect, accepting all mistakes that I make and constantly trying to become a better more balanced person.  I am getting there one day at a time, and that is the absolute best any of us can do - one day at a time!

I spent the last two weeks in Scotland.  Initially I was so happy to be home, and then the inevitable itch came.  The fire burning under my feet.  I needed London again.  I needed to breathe it in, feel it's skin, let it flood my senses again.  Scotland is beautiful, it will always be my home.  My heart belongs to Glasgow after all!  But London, it's like the slick, street wise, clued up stylish cousin of Scotland.  Maybe not cousin, friend of a friend perhaps.  Maybe soon to be divorced?  Who knows!  Either way it takes me to go home to realise I genuinely do love living here.  Although it pisses me the fuck off on a regular basis, kinda like family, we still love them flaws and all.
I am outside St. Paul's right now on a Sunday morning.  THE BELLS!  They have been goin mental for the past hour, it's amazing.  So much noise!  So much life, so many people all different kinds from different places.  I love this city.

                                                            St. Pauls.  This is actually right outside the door of the cafe I am in.

So ALBUM NEWS!  I HAVE A TITLE - but I won't tell you quite yet...actually I kind of already have told you secretly in this blog ;)  The last recording session is on Tuesday.  I need a good mix engineer - if anyone knows anybody hit me up!

Anyway, I want to tell you all my 2014 plans...HERE THEY ARE!  DUM DUM DUUUMMM...

-  Release Album 
-  Tour UK and Europe
-  Learn how to do the splits.  Seriously. 
-  Write two new songs per month.  The one a week thing is way too much for my life.  Two a month means I have two albums by the end of the year.  Maybe one shit one and one good one.  I just NEED to keep writing once this album is out.  Constant Creation.
-  Take my fitness to the next level mainly meaning do some proper challenges this year.  I have a few yoga flows and poses I want to nail by the end of the year.  BRING ON THE CROW.

Lastly, my biggest plan ever...y'all ready...I am so fucking rock and roll...

I plan to give myself more time, sleep, rest, and healthy food this year.  Most of all I will give myself and others PATIENCE.  Patience.  Patience.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you on my musical travels this year! 

Much love R xxxxxx


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