Glasgow Glasgow Glasgow (oh and my online house gig!)

NOT sure if you know this but... I AM FROM GLASGOW!!!

I love my city with my whole heart.  I have always loved Glasgow, she is a part of who I am.  I am Glasgow and Glasgow is me.  The other day I took myself down to the river and took a few pics of this amazing place, on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


Tonight I popped down to The Southside Session's open mic night at The Butterfly and Pig South. I don't usually venture south of the river - EVER- but Glasgow has changed since I lived here last (ten years ago!!eeek!!!) and it is a fucking epic place to hang out.  I played a couple of songs, pestered everyone in the room to siging up to my mailing list (which YOU can also do here), got talking to a lovely family about music, the industry and THE WHOLE POINT OF LIFE...I think I lost them at that one.  I tend to talk a lot when I get excited about something! 

Anyway, I am trying to say I am LOVING being home. Entirely.  It rains every day and I am an official Pluviophile

Definition of Pluviophile. a lover of rain;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Thats me folks.  Pour a bucket of water on me and I am happy as fucking Larry!!

In other news I have a brand new website for everthing else NON 'Rosie Bans' HERE at  It's all shiny and lovely but still very much under construction (thanks for the feedback Marcus, will be working on it over the weekend!) aaaaaannnd stay tuned for a new ceilidh band with a familiar name hitting the scene soon!!  YEAH!

OH OH OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT!!! Last night's online house gig was EPIC!  THANK YOU to everyone that watched andshared andjust was generally amazing and joined my internet birthday party!  YES!

You can rewatch the whole thing here... loook look... down there...

ENJOY!  It is online for 6more days!!!

Okay all from me!  Night night folks :)



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