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I now have a(nother) new Facebook page The Rosie Bans Duo Page.  This page is for my function work that I do most nights.  I am usually totally solo which has its ups and downs.  I don't need to rely on anyone but me, which means if I mess something up (which rarely happens but is possible) then all responsibility lies with me.  Any way you get the idea.

I get really frustrated with this - I LOVE playing obviously but if I have a cracker of a gig I ain't got anyone to high five!  Or if I have a stinker of a gig who do I discuss it with?  So I am going to try and push for more ensemble work - duo, trio any line up people want.  If you are a muso and want to get involved send me a mail, lets meet up chat and jam!

Check out the new pages on the site

Also my cool wee new logo -  

If you want me to design a logo for you then hit me up!  Also, I can provide an illustration for you toooooooooooooo like this...

Ta much peeps!


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