GIG 12th Oct - Proud Camden

Howdy ho folkies!  

I am sitting in bed with a cuppa, munching on my homemade granola.  SERIOUSLY GOOD SATURDAY MORNING VIBES.

I've been searching for a brekkie that a) has NO raisins in it (cos they are the rankest thing on this earth) and b) has chocolate but no added here we are.   Problem is that I just can't stop eating it.  Very more-ish. 

I am playing TODAY at Proud Camden at 1.30pm, so if you are around you should pop in as it is free and a pretty cool venue.  It's a gallery, with a 'walk through' kinda vibe.  Doesn't feel at all like a gig.  And it is so LONDONY!  When I first moved down three years ago Camden gave me some serious tourist shivers, and I still get it to this day.  Probably because the only time I am there is to gig or show visiting friends and family the Camden sights! 

So yeah, today is the first of a wee stream of gigs coming up

YEY!  See you soon, have an ace weekend peeps! xxxx

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