Four days, three countries and lots of pints.


Ahhh another Monday!  We made it guys!  I have this thing on Mondays.  It’s like a renew, a refresh and I always feel mega lucky I made it another week.  Seriously.  I don’t work a 9 to 5 (thank mother of god!) so Mondays for me are spacious and full of reflection and a fucking total joy.  

This weekend saw my new E.P. Opia open for pre orders - THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that’s bought it so far - I am so blown away by your generosity.  The fact that anyone even purchased makes me feel so happy and squidgy inside :) :) 

Opia is streaming exclusively on Louder Than War for the whole month of July before it’s release in August.  LISTEN TO OPIA HERE!

You can pre order Opia HERE!

I was also jetting all over the place in the name of good music this weekend.  I flew Glasgow to Berlin, met up with a brand new pal Ivy (oh the joys of Twitter!!), who goes under the name of Luckless.  (You should all go check her out - excellent sounds and so vibey.)  She is a beautiful, witty, funny, lady with lots go great music coming out of her.  Think a mix of dark, textured, reflective songs and uplifting riffy indie hits.  Go check out Luckless HERE!

I then jumped on a flight to Geneva for my gig in Switzerland!  What a place.  It is pretty special, so. fucking. clean.  Like insanely clean.  I was playing a gig on Saturday night with a Geneva’s premier Irish Band, The Emigrants.  OH GRAND SO THE CRAIC WAS ALL OVER THE PAVEMENT!!  CLICK HERE to go to their Facebook and see the craic for yourself!

We had rooftop tunes, lots of pints, lots of banter and just general great vibes.  My hosts for the weekend were just so lush and accommodating meaning I have returned home absolutely brimming with love and gratitude.   

We really are all so lucky.  My biggest problems don’t mean shit when I have my health, my pals and family and ability to make music.  That goes for you too.  Count your blessings man, honestly!  I must remind myself of this over and over as I certainly get caught up in the negative way too much.  Trying to make your living from your own music and doing it all by yourself can mean you really take set backs hard but when you got the means and health to get out your fucking bed each morning you are okay.  You are doing okay.  

Right, that’s enough gushy shite for me for one day.  See you all on Thursday for my next YouTube Video!  Subscribe to my channel HERE and don't forget to sign up to the mailing list before you go. 

P.S. Go get my new CD Opia ;)  >>  Buy here!

Thanks pals!  Love you! 

Rosie xxx

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