Fear and Procrastination

It's wedding season!  I have been hitting the wedding gigs hard this month.  It feels good to be out every weekend playing music for people.  I do complain a fair bit about being tired because there is so much driving but it's okay cos I am happiest when I am moaning.  Grin. 

As usual there are a lot of things happnin' down in Bans town.  Have you checked out my Pledge Music campaign?  Oooft. It's at 183% and still open for orders!  Jump over there if you would like to pre-order the album.  You'll get it FIRST, waaaaay before non-pledgers (I do love you too though!), and you will also get some sneak peeks at artwork and clips of songs etc.  You're gonna love it, go be part of it. 

Today I want to talk about procrastination and fear.  I love music, I love my career and I am excited about where it is all heading.  That said, sometimes I find myself putting things off, big, fun, exciting things.  Like a Pledge Music campaign.  The campaign sat on my to do list for fucking weeks before I even lifted a finger.  It became a thing of dread and anxiety.  I'd be walking down the street and "PLEDGE MUSIC CAMPAIGN" pop into my head in big grizzly letters, give my guts a shake and leave me feeling a useless, anxious and lazy. 

"I should really get started on this", "I HAVE to start this campaign TODAY", "I am running out of time, I'd better do the Pledge thing" 

Sucked so far into the anxiety of it I couldn't see how scared I was.  I was scared of the campaign failing. 

Me?  Ahm pure no scared a nothing man! 

Oh, but I am.  I am.  I so am.  I have just taught myself to ignore the fear most of the time and do it anyway.  This campaign got deep in me somewhere though.  The album was funded by Creative Scotland, maybe it's the added pressure of that?  Or was I scared because it was my first solo campaign? 

My point is no work happened until I identified that I was feeling scared of it.  The fear manifested itself in procrastination and lack of focus.  I couldnt admit the fear to myself.  Then it was okay, I could do my usual "suck it up sista and get on with it" dance. 

What are you procrastinating on right now?  It can be anything!  Clearing out that cupboard - are there items in there that might affect you/be hard to let go of?  Loosing weight, writing that book, going to the post office, writing that thank you letter, asking that guy out on a date.  Whatever it is, if your procrastinating then there are no doubt underlying reasons for your behaviour, it's not because you are lazy.  It's up to you to go look for your fear and decide if it's all still worth doing anyway. 

I fully believe the worst thing we can do in this life is stay still and stagnate.  No matter how small the steps are, it's progression that makes us feel happy, alive and gives us a sense of achievement. 

I hope you are all having a powerful Monday.  Thank you for all your support and please do click this link if you'd like to add to my campaign.  I will no doubt hit the procrastination fear wall again and when I do I will tell you and I ask for you to remind me of what is truly important! 

Mucho ginger love xxxx

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