End of an era. Start of an adventure.

I can see St. Pauls.  The cathedral is sitting to my right, I am facing the river.  When I need to think I come to the river.  To the middle of the city.  Right to the core, the reason for it's being, it's main artery.  The river.  I am a city dweller you see.  I don't crave the countryside, the sea or an open sky.  All those things bring me so much joy and calmness but when I need to think I take myself inwards.  Right into the heart. 

So here I am.  I have two days left in the city I have lived in for the past five years.  ITS BEEN FUCKING MENTAL.  Really.  Really full on. I have came to realise that is just my life and who I am.  Full on, 100% organic fucking shit here babes.  So to cap off one of the hardest years of my life on a personal level, I am getting the fuck outta here!

It is definitely time to hit the road and move on from this crazy place.  I fell in love in London but I never fell in love with London. 

Tons of feels happening the past few days and the need to rest and be alone as well.  A great thing leaving the city has given me is a chance to declutter.  To declutter all my belongings and to reorganise my life in general.  And people.  A lot of people have been swept up and are no longer weight or bad energy I need to deal with.  Some people surprised me and removed themselves, others I had to make a conscious walk away from.  BUT as the song goes:

I have moved and I'll keep on moving
Proved the points that I needed proving
Lost the friends that I needed losing
Found others on the way

- Caledonia by Dougie MacLean

I am still and always will be grateful for everyone that's been in my life.  Through all those others I have learned what I need to know, be challenged, lost and rediscovered who I really am and what I am about.

So the next adventure is our UK and European tour. The 'our' obviously refers to artPACKT and here are the dates!! 

1/11 The Boogaloo, London, UK
2/11 Mr Wolf's, Bristol, UK
3/11 The Wonder Inn, Manchester, UK
4/11 Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, UK
5/11 MONO, Glasgow, UK
6/11 The Big Comfy Bookshop, Coventry, UK
7/11 House Gig, Birmingham, UK
8/11 House Gig, Sheffield, UK
12/11 The Wolfhound, Haarlem, NL
13/11 House Gig, The Hague, NL
15/11 House Gig, The Hague, NL
19/11 House Gig, Laatzen, GER
20/11 The Beanery, Amberg, GER
21/11 House Gig, Nuremberg, GER
24/11 t Berlin, Berlin, GER
26/11 Karambolage, Dresden, GER

I can't wait to get out on the road again and do what I do best.  I hope to see you there and pick up some new friends on the way!! 



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