Cheers Big Ears! :)

Holy shitballs!  I am in the studio just now and had to just update you on the progress.  SMILEY FACES ALL ROUND.


I am super chuffed with everything and how it’s going THANK YOU to all who has helped me this far, there is like a huge list I will get round to publishing in the near future.  I am pretty fucking lucky to know such great and generous people.  Generous with their time, energy, love, creative input, advice and friendship.  I am seriously grateful.


Also thank you to all the bams in my life cos this album is for you too, it’s about you, it’s for all the bad times I’ve had that have somehow morphed into the best times I’ve had.  It’s for the folk that twisted up my insides, made me doubt my sanity, gave me migraines and made me sick.  It’s them that lead me to meditation, to self improvement, and them that have changed my life.   It’s for the heartbreak I self inflicted and for the family ties I have severed and somehow painfully renewed.  This album is from me for you.  I love you all.



Most of all it is for my mother.  She is the being that put me on this messed up planet and she is in my thoughts every single breath of my life.  I feel happiness in knowing there will always be a bit of her inside me.  


That’s my thank you post finished.  Don’t know where it came from, I just know I had to write it.  I am off back to do some screaming into the mic now!!


PEACE xxxxx

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