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Good evening pals! 

It's been a wee while since I have written a newsletter.  The past couple of months have been jam packed with exciting things so here we are, have some news, there ya go... 

Album Update 

My debut album is currently cooking as we speak!   

The mixing process is well underway and I am so chuffed to hear it all coming together.  As you may have seen from my online updates this whole recording process hit me kinda hard.  I ran at it full tilt (not like me, I hear you say!) and smashed into a brick wall but instead of brick it was made of anxiety and sleepless nights.  Anyway, LITERALLY ONE MILLION LESSONS LEARNED and I have calmed the fuck down. Back to my usual self and just excited to finalise the mixes and pack this wee baby off to master.  


Release Date 

I have pushed everything back a few months so I can really dig my heels into some decent PR for this record (and not loose my flipping mind) so the release will be sometime around September.  Keep your eyes peeled for official announcements coming over the next few weeks!  

The "Prelude" Tour 

Other news is I am off galavanting, singing songs and annoying you all in person again in June.  Yas. 

Come see me at the dates below: 

JUNE 2017 


6th  Bar Bloc, Glasgow 

8th  Druid’s Arms, Penrith 

9th  Open Mind, Carlisle 

11th  Lobelia’s Female Showcase, Tower of Song, Birmingham  

13th The Sound Lounge,  London 


16th House Concert, Laatzen 

18th Concert, Waldenburg 

19th Songwriting Workshop Day 1, Waldenburg 

20th Songwriting Workshop Day 2, Waldenburg 

23rd House Concert, Regensburg 

24th Little Cuba, Lanquaid  

25th House Concert, Amberg 


28th Whittaker Museum, Rossendale 

30th House Gig, Nanwitch 

Dates left to fill! 

I still have a few dates I'd like to book up (10th, 12th, 17th, 21st, 22nd and 29th of June) if you would like a house gig at your place or have a venue in mind for any of these please give me a shout.   

Online House gig TONIGHT 

I know, I know, last minute dot com here.  But I would love to see you guys online, tonight, 7.30pm Facebook.  Come by, say hi and listen to my ramblings over the internet (basically it's the same as this but with singing and my face moving and usually an annoying audio delay). 

Okay dokey chums!  Until the next newsletter I wish you all good health and happy days. 

Rosie xxx 


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