BAKING! and gigs.

Howdy peeps! 

How are y'all doing?!  I hope well :)

It is 1am, I am just finished a late night Pilates workout (MY ARMS ARE DYING!) and now, of course, I am a little buzzy...hence blog!

So today I spend most of my time baking (HIGH FIVE TO ANY OTHER BUDDING CAKE MAKERS OUT THERE!).  *DISCLAIMER* I am shite at baking.

Look what I made!

Cinnamon rolls (OH MAN, SOOOO GOOD!)  A little to browned on the top but still tasty.

Raspberry and Blackberry Buttermilk Cake (AGAIN, DELISH!)

OH OH and the best....

I BAKED BREAD!!!  No photo, as well, emm, most of it is gone.  So I needed a day to get back to myself.  I have been a little run down with the cold and just the thought of touching the computer made me feel slightly spewey.  So I listened to myself and baked my wee heart out.  And now I feel so much better for it :)

I have a run of shows coming up too now, here they are!  Most are free, some I require the gringo from you but it's all for a good cause - Rosie's anti homeless fund.

12/10 - Proud Camden // Camden // 1.30pm // Free

21/10 - Live Stream House Gig @ Rosie's Gaff! (Link TBC) // Online

31/10 - TCP Mustered No.9 // The Betsey Trotwood // 8pm // £5

01/11 - Proud Camden // Camden // 3pm // Free

01/11 - Regal Room // Hammersmith // 7pm // Free

02/11 - House Gig Hosted by Marcus // Birmingham // Invite only

03/11 - Originals set // Boogaloo // Highgate // £3

03/11 - Playing as part of Yaldi (Ceilidh/Kelzmer/Folk Band) // Boogaloo // Highgate // £3

06/11 - The White Lion // Streatham // 7pm // Free

So if you are in the area, you know what to do!  I promise banter and music!  Speaking of which, I have a new video for you this week.  Stay tuned!

LOVE!!! xxxxx

P.S. if anyone wants any Cinnamon Rolls hit me up.  I've got a fair few to shift! 


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