Back on it (like a car bonnet.)

 Hello all you fine people!

I have much news to spraff about so I'll just get right to it!!  

I have been a busy little bee the past couple of months, they have fair flew by and now ITS SPRING!  Check it out, look out your window and smile cos the planet is heating up, the birds are getting it on left right and centre and the sun is occasionally shining! 

I recently embarked on another Scottish tour, this time sans the wonderful Erin Todd :(( ( - she is amazing!  Go and listen to her tunes!) however it's not all doom and gloom cos I was joined by the wonderful Anna MacDonald ( and the exceptional Mike Nisbet (! I don't need to tell ye again, go click listen and enjoy!

The March dates were:

7th Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
8th SuCasa, Ayr
9th Henry's Coffee House, Dundee
10th Crianlarich Hotel, Stirling
11th Hootanannys, Inverness
14th Tarscabhaig Hall, Skye
16th The Roxy 171, Glasgow

DONT WORRY if you missed any of them cos all three gingers are frequntly gigging and mit's looking like all three shall be taking over the London scene this year!  Keep em peeled!  Music was made, whiskey was drank and friendships forged - The Timorous Beasties Tour 2012 was AMAZIN!!

So, apart from jumping about the motherland like a mad radge I'v been playing music with my new band! HER MAJESTY  CHECK US OOT!

We are currently writing and rehearsing and will be gigging very soon! 

Lots of gigs and new projects coming this summer, it's shaping up to be an ace year of music already!!  HAPPY MARCH EVERYBODY!! x

I'v been listening to this a lot too...not quite a summer tune but a CHOON none the less!

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