Aw, you guys...!

Thanks for all the comments on last night's blog via twitter and FB.  It's lovely to know that people are reading and CARE!!

All is well in camp Rosie, I was tired and a bit down, probably made a LOT worse because I was tired.  I have spent this evening relaxing with my lovely fella, watching the IT Crowd (one of my favs!) and eating beautiful food.  I am planning my week ahead which is consiting of consiting of workouts, gigging, teaching, meditating, flat hunting and other musicy stuff - but no album!  I am taking a week off, I can't wait to feel that inevitable pang to get back on the record after the break.  It will be well worth it!!

What are you doing this week?  I am really intrigued into people's routines, when and why they do the stuff they do.  I am reading a book at the moment called "The power of habit" and it's really highlighting the good and bad habits I have, and helping me change them all to work for me.  It's amazing how we form these habits without realising.  Eating, working, loving.  Apparently around 40% of our daily activity is habit.  Amazing.

So, onwards and upwards...stay with me through my ginger mood swings and foul language and I promise to reward you with music and the best banter I can possiblally muster (caution: may contain seriously stinkin' banter).  

Thanks guys and gals!  Love R x

P.S.  I never posted the amazing Anna MacDonald playing clarsach in the studio- just you WAIT until you hear it, beautiful!!  Here ya go lovers...

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