30 Day Video Challenge!!! (Starts 15th August!)

I missed my Monday Blog!  OOPS! 

This week has been a busy one!  First, I flew back to Scotland on Monday afternoon for a hospital appointment (nothing serious!).  It was SO good to get home, even just for a couple of days.  Just a wee breather.

Berlin is amazing.  I do love it here but moving to a foreign country to live and work as a freelance musician is not straight forward.  AT ALL.  Let's ignore the language barrier for a second, I am just finding out about the scene here, how things are done and where they are done.  So jumping home to Bonnie Scotland was a nice wee breather.

The news is Opia came out on Monday!  It's had such an amazing response as well and I am so fucking chuffed it's been taken so well! 

I've not been the best at consistency with my videos.  In order to remedy this I am setting myself a 30 day video challenge starting on August 15th!  SO!  I need suggestions for cover songs, original songs chatty videos and the likes!  What would you like to see and hear?

I can't wait to get stuck into this and start some serious YOUTUBBING!  :)

Talk soon guys! 

Rosie xxxx


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