30 day challenge...this shit is HARD!

Right peeps.  Honesty is always my best fucking policy.  

I FUCKED IT!  I missed my deadline.  My 30 days elapsed on Tuesday and I have 7 videos to go...SOOOOO what do we do when we miss the mark?  We keep going! 

Hahaha!!  It's all good.  I have moved from Glasgow to Berlin 2 months ago and SINCE moving I have released an E.P. AND went on tour.  I am NOT beating myself up for this.  

INFACT!  The lasted video from the series is one of my favs!!

It's a collaboration with Luckless, a New Zealander living here in Berlin.  We have a mutual friend from Scotland (hi Mike!).  

>>> Please check out Luckless over on Bandcamp! <<<

Check it out!

7 more videos to go folks...what should I do next?!  I am thinking of 2-3 vids a week after this?  

ANYWAYS!  PALS!!  I have sooooo much juicy stuff to tell you all but I must keep my mouth shut for now.  Hard for me.  VVVVV Hard!

Here are ALL the videos so far (23) hope you enjoy!!! 

Rosie xxxxx

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