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About Rosie

Fresh out the gates, Glasgow-born and bred Rosie Bans grew up on a vibrant diet of Alice Cooper, Bert Jansch and the Spice Girls. With a deep love for the full spectrum of pop implanted by her parents, Rosie’s earliest skills and talents were nourished, soon leading her to an exciting placement at Edinburgh Napier’s Ian Tomlin School of Music. 

A whirlwind creative force, she has since released six EPs and one full-length studio album, the latter generously funded by Creative Scotland. Rosie’s adept songwriting abilities have kept the attention of blogs, radio and newspapers alike, including but not limited to Louder Than War, Amazing Radio, The National and The Scotsman. Her co-written track ‘The Little Things In Life’ (a collaboration with artist and producer Sam Turner) won two awards, including ‘Best Song’ by Songwriter Universe Magazine in 2021

Hitting the fiery highs and self-reflective lows of human emotion, Rosie repertoire continues to pulse and expand. While debut album “Identify Yourself” (2017) honed in on straight-talking topics of mental health and grief, in particular surrounding the loss of her own mother, Rosie now switches gears in a post-pandemic world for a different kind of rhythm. 

When we write songs to escape reality, when we choose to spend more time in daydreams, stories and stars in lieu of larger civil issues — how can we make that inward journey within ourselves to a benefit? Rosie explores this and more in her upcoming five-track EP “Flourish”, to be released later on this year. Its first single ‘Inside of You, There’s a Universe’ (out 23rd April 2021) explores concepts of self-dependency and separateness within romantic relationships. 

Not shy in the realm of social justice however, Rosie is committed to supporting the music industry becoming a place for people to truly thrive in. The artist currently runs FASE, an audio collective for women, non-binary folks, and gender nonconforming producers. She is also co-founder of SongSeeds Songwriting Retreats, providing affordable and accessible online songwriting camps to artists of all abilities, and serves on the FAC's beat board.