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I am Rosie and I write sophisti-pop piano songs

"Take heed of her flame red hair as the fiery Glaswegian unleashes her wrath and emotion on us all."
Louder than war

I hope you enjoy the site :)

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Rosie 23

30 day challenge...this shit is HARD!

Right peeps.  Honesty is always my best fucking policy.  

I FUCKED IT!  I missed my deadline.  My 30 days elapsed on Tuesday and I have 7 videos to go...SOOOOO what do we do when we miss the mark?  We keep going! 

Hahaha!!  It's all good.  I have moved from Glasgow to Berlin 2 months ago and SINCE moving I have released an E.P. AND went on tour.  I am NOT beating myself up for this.  

INFACT!  The lasted video from the series is one of my favs!!

It's a collaboration with Luckless, a New Zealander living here in…Read more
Day 3 the fall

30 days of Video Challenge: Day 3

*** Buy this song at - you know you want to! :) ***

Oh hi there! And welcome day 3 of my 30 days of video challenge! 

Today I though I would sing an original song of mine :) I do hope you enjoy it!  

Check out Day 1 - 

And Day 2 - 

I also have a SCERET (shhh) Facebook group. Hit me up with an email at hello (at) if you'd like to join. I will add you straight away! It's where all the cool…

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Day 2 grimes realiti

30 days of Video Challenge: Day 2

WELCOME to day 2 of my 30 day YouTube Challenge! I am posting a new video each day for the next month - hit subscribe and join in the ginger banter :) 

Check out Day 1 - 

I LOVE this tune, it is by Grimes and really gets me moving each time I hear it. i just had to do a cover. I hope you enjoy it! 

I also have a SCERET (shhh) Facebook group. Hit me up with an email at hello (at) if you'd like to join. I will add you straight away! It's where all the…

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30 day challenge

HAPPY MONDAY! Day ONE of my 30 day video challenge! Check it out :)

Howdy people!!

I have officially started my 30 day video marathon.  I'll be posting a new vid each day for the next month so hop over to YouTube, subscribe and join in the banter!!

Here is the first installment, a cover of The Dresden Dolls' "Necessary Evil" - ENJOY!! 

Rosie hppy

30 Day Video Challenge!!! (Starts 15th August!)

I missed my Monday Blog!  OOPS! 

This week has been a busy one!  First, I flew back to Scotland on Monday afternoon for a hospital appointment (nothing serious!).  It was SO good to get home, even just for a couple of days.  Just a wee breather.

Berlin is amazing.  I do love it here but moving to a foreign country to live and work as a freelance musician is not straight forward.  AT ALL.  Let's ignore the language barrier for a second, I am just finding out about the scene here, how things are done and where…Read more
Opia tour poster

One week count down and TOUR DATES!

The one week count down to Opia being released officially starts TODAY! eeeekkkkk!!

I really cannot wait to get the CDs out to people and let everyone hear it :)

Another exciting nugget of news is that I am back on tour next week tooooo, check it out...

I am brushing up on my Deutsch as we speak!!!

New people and existing friends, I can't wait to meet you allow the road!

Catch you soon, oh and PLEASE let me know what you think about Opia!!

Rosie xxx

Thank you for reading!  If you’d like to support me in other…

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Rosie Bans' new E.P. Opia is out two weeks today!


Only two weeks left to pre-order my newest E.P. Opia!  Why not have a listen to it IN FULL over at Louder Than War, then pop along to Bandcamp and grab your copy!

So much has been going on in my life recently, all good and all moving forward but to be really honest, all fucking terrifying.  Taking things in my stride has never been my default setting.  The past two years have really shook things for me and anxiety, ANXIETY argh I fucking hate her!!  But she rips my stomach open in the middle of…Read more
Amazing radio

"The Fall" from Opia tipped on Shell Zenner's Amazing Radio show!


How are all you lovely folks doing?!  

I am so chuffed to tell you that "The Fall", the opening track from my upcoming E.P. Opia, was 'tipped' by Dave from Even the Stars on Shell Zenner's Amazing Radio show!!

Massive thank you for playing my track.  It was so fucking cool to hear my song and people talking about me on the radio.  I was dancing about my hotel room like a nutter!

It's great when hard works pays off...still a lot more work to do but that's what it is all about people!

You can listen…

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